Easter 2022 Date: When is Easter Sunday in 2022?

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Easter Sunday 2022 Date: The resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith. Christians, all over the world, celebrate Easter to commemorate this holy event.

Easter Sunday is celebrated right after Good Friday, and the Saturday before Easter is also considered holy by many and is called Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday always falls on the first Sunday after the full moon. Since it does not have a fixed date, it is called a “movable feast”. The date is fixed according to the lunisolar calendar and varies every year. This year, it will be observed on April 17.

With his resurrection, Jesus proved five important things — his deity, his power to forgive, his victory over death, true the word of god, and the triumph over evil.
Easter 2022 Date: When is Easter Sunday in 2022?
Easter 2022 Date: When is Easter Sunday in 2022?
However, contrary to popular belief, Easter was not always the day Christ was resurrected. Previously, it was a pagan celebration that marked rebirth and renewal, celebrated in early spring. The day honoured Eastre, the pagan Saxon goddess. Things soon changed when the early missionaries converted the Saxons to Christianity. With this, the day of the celebration clashed and it came to be known as Easter.

But, what do the Easter bunny and Easter eggs have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Well, that comes from the ancient Roman Catholic Church which combined what was common spring fertility rituals and elements with the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection to appeal to non-churchgoers at that time.

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