Manica Drilling, The Home Of Excellence and Best Borehole Drilling Company In Manicaland Province

If you are interested in getting Expert advice on Borehole Drilling and Borehole Installation in Zimbabwe, we provide that information for FREE here at Manica Drilling - Borehole Drilling in Manicaland, so please get in touch to discuss your project by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +263 78 977 9432.

Manica Drilling is one of the most notable and upcoming reputable brands in the borehole drilling industry based in Mutare and we are responsible for satisfying the water supply needs of a large population in Manicaland Province. 

Manica Drilling has successfully completed several water supply projects in different parts of the Manicaland Province with exceptional technical skills and techniques of drilling wells and boreholes, only to assure that proper water is supplied to all the adjoining areas. 

We have also successfully ventured into different other parts of Zimbabwe and other surrounding provinces and right now we are focusing on Mutare, which will include the installation, rehabilitation and maintenance of both deep and shallow wells, and boreholes for water supply. 

With our profound experience and expertise in this field, we are confident enough to take up projects of large capacity and budget and successfully accomplish the task. The company has vast experience in working for various terrains such as Sedimentary, Conglomerates, Volcanic, Metamorphic, and Alluvium for bore-hole projects. 
Manica Drilling, The Home Of Excellence and Best Borehole Drilling Company In Manicaland Province
Manica Drilling, The Home Of Excellence and Best Borehole Drilling Company In Manicaland Province
This has given us the confidence of working under any circumstances in Manicaland Province and we can drill the boreholes at any type of design of the customer’s choice.

Manica Drilling has acquired two latest brand new high power hydraulic drilling rigs, appropriate tools and techniques needed to work on tough regions of Zimbabwe, especially in Manicaland Province. 

Whether it is steeper or plain land and have successfully been able to bore holes from 6 inches to 15 inches with our efficient tools. This solves the water-related issues that our customers have been facing so far to a considerable extent. The company is constantly struggling to satisfy our customers so that we can penetrate deeper into the market with proper goodwill.

Manica Drilling also is known to have introduced several latest and advanced tools that have revolutionized the industry from top to bottom. We work in collaboration with manufacturers that are of Indian origin and hence give our best to the international customers. 

We have raised the standard of drilling bores at any terrain to such a level that other competitors have no chance to touch the bar. Whether it is an agricultural farm, a factory, or an individual,  Manica Drilling provides ace quality service to all of them. 

With Manica Drilling at work, individual household and factories will have their water problem solved from the core and continue getting ample supply throughout the year.

Contact Us: Feel free to Call or Message us on +263 78 977 9432 or send a WhatsApp message to so that you can get started! Manica Drilling offers services around Manicaland's seven districts which are as follows - Mutare, Nyanga, Makoni, Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge and Mutasa.